As the weekend approaches, we're getting ready to kick back and enjoy some down time. A great time to catch up on some reading. With all the crap being thrown at you, it may be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Say no more, fam. We got you. Here's a selection of good reads for you to enjoy this weekend.

This weekend, check out:

- DJ Premier on the Making of Gang Starr’s Moment of Truth. "Fist fights. Improper farewells. Alcoholism. Guns in suitcases. The agonizing emotional depth from which Moment of Truth emerged was unlike anything seen in Gang Starr’s previous decade of work. According to DJ Premier: “We’ve never been as depressed while making an album.”

- Amsterdam's very own Ilja Meefout tells Vice the untold stories behind his Hip Hop photography. "Ol’ Dirty Bastard made everyone so crazy; people started jumping down from the balcony. Everyone was stage diving; so much weird shit was going on on stage. The atmosphere at concerts used to be very different from the way it is now. It wasn’t aggressive, but it was grimy. These days, it’s all a bit more mellow, which is also fine, of course."

- The lie pictures tell: an ex-model on the truth behind her perfect photos. "You’re a naughty girl,” he writes and says over the phone, his voice hissing like oil heated in a pan. “You deserve to be punished. I can see you better than others can. You think you’re ‘Little Miss Perfect’. The smile. The body. Perfect grades, too. Well, you need to make me happy then."

- Kanye West in conversation with the interior designer Axel Vervoordt. "Architecture should communicate to humanity an understanding of proportion and spaces and the way it affects your mood. Because we are all being attacked by things made not for the right reasons, whether from lack of education or lack of responsibility. There has to be a responsibility in design, whether it's apparel, tech, Instagram, where you get so many likes, so it's a dopamine that attacks your ego and your esteem. "

- Level Up: Lil B on why video gaming needs a Black Panther moment. “We donate and devote so much money and hours of our time playing their games so I need to know the developers actually love me and my fans! My back hurts and my hands hurt from playing these games so much, so I need to know that these guys are riding with the Based God.”

- With the photographer Alec Soth, his onetime next-door neighbor, Vogue went looking for the places Prince had called home. "Picture Prince riding his bicycle past Paisley and the fence and over the creek and through the tunnel below the highway, where hundreds of graffiti tributes and paintings now cover the walls; so much purple spray paint. It would have taken him maybe 10 minutes to ride along the sidewalks, past a pair of wooden bird feeders and red sumac growing on the roadside, and find himself in another forest, surrounded by open fields and tall grasses and more sumac and roaming deer."

- After you watch Netflix' Wild Wild Country, read up on what the makers got wrong, according to 9 sannyasin. "Can you imagine — you start in a community in India where you’re all growing and thriving and sharing about yourselves and growing beautifully and spiritually, and here we are, we have a police force guarding us when we’re in the meditation hall? It was just too weird."

- Passing the Torch: Denzel Washington and Michael B. Jordan. “When someone says you’re like your idol,” Mr. Jordan said, “It’s like: ‘Really? You see that in me?’ I’d only done that one movie. But then I started using it as motivation,” he said. “I wanted to pop up on Denzel’s radar. He’s the O.G. If I could get recognition from him, I know I’m going down the right path, you know?”