As the weekend approaches, we're getting ready to kick back and enjoy some down time. A great time to catch up on some reading. With all the crap being thrown at you, it may be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Say no more, fam. We got you. Here's a selection of good reads for you to enjoy this weekend.

This weekend, check out:

- An Expert's Take on the Symbolism in Childish Gambino’s Viral ‘This Is America’ Video: “The central message is about guns and violence in America and the fact that we deal with them and consume them as part of entertainment on one hand, and on the other hand, is a part of our national conversation,” Ramsey tells TIME.

- Why the Dancing Makes 'This Is America' So Uncomfortable to Watch

- Donald Glover’s “This Is America” Is a Stylish, Ambitious Provocation—But What Is It Actually Selling?

- This Oral History Of DMX' It's Dark And Hell Is Hot: "X was raw, super raw, projects, you don’t know if a stick up might happen. He might stick up somebody he was with. That was the type of dude X was. He’s a dog."

- I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye: "It would be nice if those who sought to use their talents as entrée into another realm would do so with the same care which they took in their craft. But the Gods are fickle and the history of this expectation is mixed."

- Kanye’s Politics Are What Happens When You Don’t Read Books: "not reading is particularly dangerous for someone like Kanye, who obviously possesses an extremely high musical intelligence and seems to be, at the very least, curious about politics. Because while there’s not much difference between his politics and the politics of the fake-smart niggas we personally know who get all of their information from YouTube, if we don’t want to listen to those cats, we can just lock the doors to their grandparents’ basements."

- This profile of the rock 'n roll icon David Byrne: "Now, with his first solo record in 14 years, Byrne is attempting his trickiest act of subversion yet: finding stuff to feel good about in 2018."

- R. Kelly Isn’t the Only Artist Spotify Should Penalize, but also New Spotify Policy Taking R. Kelly, XXXTentacion Off Playlists Troubles Music Biz -- And Even Some Top Spotify Executives

- This oldie but goodie on healthy foods. And this one.