As the weekend approaches, most of us are getting ready to kick back and enjoy some down time. A great time to catch up on some reading. With all the crap being thrown at you, it may be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Say no more, fam. We got you. Here's a selection of good reads for you to enjoy this weekend.

Check out:

- This GQ look into the Patagonia archive.

- This 032c feature on Frank Ocean.

- This interview with Solange. She’s not superstitious, exactly, but she believes in intuition. She only puts work out when it’s done; she submitted A Seat at the Table to her label four days before it appeared on iTunes. “I think about my gut and how many times I didn't listen and how many times that fucked me over,” she says.

- This New York Times feature on the 25 songs that tell us where music is going.

- This interview with Till Nowak, the first concept artist hired by production designer Hannah Beachler to visualize Black Panther for the big screen.

- This Player's Tribune story of NBA-retiree Steve Francis: "Four years before I was on that plane with Hakeem telling me we’re going shopping for cashmere suits together — four years before I was about to go play against Gary Payton — I was on the corner of Maple Ave in Takoma Park, Maryland, selling drugs outside the Chinese joint."

Catch you all next week!