As the weekend approaches, most of us are getting ready to kick back and enjoy some down time. A great time to catch up on some reading. With all the crap being thrown at you, it may be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Say no more, fam. We got you. Here's a selection of good reads for you to enjoy this weekend.

Check out:
- This great long read on Donald Glover's hit show Atlanta and how it breaks all TV-rules.

- A very interesting conversation with the queen Erykah Badu.

- Views on that Drake video.

- Barbara Kruger on Trump, Supreme and harassment.

- This Daily Beast writeup on how we're in a new golden age of soul music.

- The story on how Adam Kimmel walked away from a booming business.

- The Quincy Jones interviews he has since apologised for (see below), both the Vulture one and the GQ one.