"Yearbook" is Pitchfork's new five-episode mini-series highlighting music in Chicago. Each episode takes on one significant year in the city's music history, as well as Chicago's contributions to the larger music landscape.

First up is 1984, which covers house music and hardcore. In 1984, Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence of Z-Factor revolutionized house with their single "On and On." DJ Frankie Knuckles - a pioneer of the genre - had started introducing a new song by Jamie Principle to his sets. Although it wouldn't be officially released for two years, "Your Love" was a hit in the clubs, and one of the first hints of house music's pop potential. Meanwhile on the North Side, bands like Big Black, Naked Raygun, and more stripped punk of its elaborate fashion sense and boiled it down to its rawest elements, offering Chicago's own unique take on hardcore. Check out the episode below, and look for the written feature on next week.

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