YO! The Story of YO! MTV Raps (Documentary)

Before my generation had internet, the only resources we had for Hip Hop music and culture were dubbed cassettes, magazines and eventually, television on saturday afternoons. Hip Hop fans rejoiced when YO! MTV Raps emerged on cable, and ran from 1988 to 1995. It was the only tv program featuring not only rap videos, but also interviews and in studio performances, making it the perfect outlet to learn about established, as well as new and upcoming artists. As Hip Hop became bigger and more mainstream as time went by, videos would now get more and more rotation outside of YO! MTV Raps, eventually rendering the show "unnecessary". The show came to an end in the summer of '95, but not without a bang. The final show featured a live freestyle session with alumni such as Rakim, KRS-One, Redman, Method Man, Chubb Rock, Special Ed and many, many more. VH1 honored this very special show with a dope 40 minute special. Sit back and enjoy!

RIP Ted Demme

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