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Patta is proud to present a special collaboration with performing artist Oko Ebombo. Oko Ebombo is a multi-disciplinary virtuoso, skilled in many forms of expression including music, poetry, dance, film and photography, creating his own visual world with multiple messages. 


In addition to the slew of personal projects such as live performances and his Vizioneer project (in which he combines multiple disciplines into compelling short films), the Paris-based artist has showcased at fashion shows, held his own photographic exhibitions, and serves as the frontman of his band, 19. Based on mutual respect and friendship spanning well over a decade, Patta and Oko have collaborated on a special t-shirt in support of his forthcoming Muchacho Junior Tour and live show at De School in Amsterdam on March 9. 


The limited edition Patta x Oko Ebombo "Muchacho Junior Tour" t-shirt comes in black 100% cotton rib fabric, and features handwritten lyrics from his track "Iro", paired with the words "Muchacho Junior" ("Muchacho" being his father), and completed with the Patta Script logo. The Patta x Oko Ebombo "Muchacho Junior Tour" t-shirt will be available at Patta stores and online at patta.nl from March 9th while supplies last.