Peace Be With You

Peace Be With You

Peace Be With You

An analog instant exhibition by Greg Andruszczenko and KaHo Pang at
the Koffieschenkerij, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, beginning 18 June 2022
continuing through the summer

Prolific Amsterdam-based photographers Greg Andruszczenko (b. 1973
Montréal Canada) and KaHo Pang (b. 1985 Creteil, France) combine
recent personal Polaroid works to explore the place of peace-advocating
visual communication in troubled times. Peace Be With You is familiar as
underscores the shared roles between people to enable harmony.

The Koffieschenkerij at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam occupies a special
place in the hearts of locals of the Red Light District, serving as a cultural
gathering hub for artists, poets, thinkers, and koffie & cake-loving
travellers of all sorts. The space is a living, daily manifestation of the
artists' vision - of vitality, light, and communion between people from
near and far, in abstraction and in actuality.

Being of Ukrainian heritage, Peace Be With You represents an especially
reflective moment for Andruszczenko. His characteristic images capture
bold graphical instances onto the magical instant materials of Polaroid
This body of work has been inspired by the outpour of Amsterdammers'
support for new arrivals from Ukraine, and by continuing rallies for peace
throughout the Netherlands.

Known for his ability to get close to people as well as bring them closer
together, Leica-based street photographer Pang picks up the Polaroid
camera for Peace Be With You. Pang employs the innocent plastic box
camera to further disarm the subject to be candid at close range, while
creating a shareable physical artifact of the moment captured.