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Unpacking the 3Package Deal in Felix Meritis

Unpacking the 3Package Deal in Felix Meritis

In need of art during the lockdown? Tune in for the online Festival: Unpacking the 3Package Deal in Felix Meritis: design-expositions, dance, performances, concerts, films and more. Featuring Patta collaborators Bodil Ouedrago and Casper Kofi. With the 3Package Deal from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, talented artists from various disciplines are given the space to develop as creative professionals in Amsterdam. Every talent is put forward from a coalition of Amsterdam’s art institutions, to stimulate talented artists and bind them to Amsterdam as an international cultural capital. Due to the recent lockdown, we have not visited Felix Meritis as planned. Instead, together we have produced an online event that you may watch wherever you are.

The event will take place from the 18th of January until the 19th of January. Further information about the artists:

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