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Benji B and Carista all night long

Benji B and Carista all night long

Parallel presents an all-night-long special with two of Team Patta's favourite selectors.

Benji B and Carista will be at performing on Friday, January 27th 2023 for their Parallel debuts. Expect a genre-bending night from two creatives at the top of their game.

Needing no introduction as one of the world’s most respected music curators, Benji B maintains an unrivalled level of credibility as a radio broadcaster, a DJ, a record producer and a musical director. As a DJ he is known for playing music from the entire spectrum of soulful music, primarily hip hop, house, soul, electronic, Detroit techno, dubstep, boogie, disco and more.

Joining him is Carista, whose raw energy and growing fanbase make it no surprise that Mixmag tipped her a rising star in 2018. With a creative repertoire spanning DJing, producing, curating and running her label and platform United Identities, Carista has proven to be an unstoppable force with a charismatic and infectious style built upon the delightful chemistry she draws with crowds to get a party truly stomping.

Head here to get your hands on tickets.

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