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HvAxPatta returns

HvAxPatta returns

Amsterdam's University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Patta have joined forces for the HvAxPatta exclusive merchandise line. Never before in the history of the fashion industry has a streetwear brand worked so closely and directly with students from a university of applied sciences.

Edson Sabajo (co-founder Patta) has been associated with the Entrepreneurship minor as a special coach since 2018 and coaches five different teams every six months. The students of the HvA x Patta team are always one of those teams. Specially selected HvA students who follow the minor Entrepreneurship get the opportunity to work with Patta's designers, marketers and social media specialists to expand the HvA x Patta accessory line.
The HvAxPatta hoodie was successfully launched in January 2020. The 450 pieces were sold out within a week. The HvAxPatta accessory line has therefore been expanded with several accessories as well as a new 2021 hoodie and longsleeve t-shirt which have been given a new look. In addition to the new hoodie, four other accessories have been added to the line.

Check the store here. ​All accessories are available in the new University Store at the Wibauthuis.

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