Nike Sportswear A.V.E. Destroyer Jacket

Nike Sportswear A.V.E. Destroyer Jacket

You heard about it, read about it, caught a glimpse, or even are one of the selected few to own these items. Either way, here is a closer look and background information. On February 6th, Nike in collaboration with Precinct 5 gathered 111 local creatives from a wide variety of disciplines such as sports, music, art, design, film and fashion, to assemble the New Oranje 111 for the Allen Voor Een (“All For One”) campaign hosted by award-winning actor Nasrdin Dchar in support of the Dutch National Football team. By appointment, the New Oranje 111 were invited to a secret photoshoot between February 7-22, donning the then unreleased official Dutch team away jersey and A.V.E. Destroyer, Jacket both produced by Nike Sportswear. On February 24th, the 111 virtually "united" by collectively swapping their social media profile pictures to the A.V.E. portraits. Finally, the New Oranje 111 gathered at Café Cox on February 29th to witness the Dutch team’s first exhibition match against Great Britain. Oranje till end!

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