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Nnelg - Zelfkennis (prod. Bnnyhunna)

Nnelg - Zelfkennis (prod. Bnnyhunna)

Welcome to Nnelg's latest music video for his new song "Zelfkennis" produced by Bnnyhunna. Nnelg, a rising star in the Dutch hip-hop scene, is known for his introspective and thought-provoking lyrics that delve into his personal experiences and struggles. In this song, he explores the theme of self-awareness, diving deep into his own psyche and reflecting on his identity and purpose. With his signature flow and dynamic delivery, Nnelg brings his raw emotions to the forefront, accompanied by a mesmerizing beat crafted by Bnnyhunna. Get ready to be immersed in Nnelg's world and experience the power of self-reflection in "Zelfkennis." 

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