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Podcast LIFE Chats wins the ADCN President’s Award

Podcast LIFE Chats wins the ADCN President’s Award

Last night the Dutch Creativity Awards Ceremony were hosted at Het HEM. During the evening the ADCN President’s Award was handed out. The ADCN President's Award is an open call dedicated to the theme chosen annually by the ADCN President. Together with Edson Sabajo, entrants were challenged to submit a project that involves and encourages coming together through 'Unity’. Over 40 entries have been submitted, 3 Finalist were chosen by the Jury consisting of Edson Sabajo, John Agesilas, Samora Bergtop, Violette Esmeralda, Ira Kip, Ghamte Schmidt and Nica de Bloeme.


Yesterday the Award was handed out by Edson in Het HEM to the podcast of two young creatives, women of color and social psychologists, Ezri Williams and Jhelisa Panfred. LIFE Chats explores important topics that are not often discussed, such as different love languages and code-switching. It arose from the realisation by Ezri and Jhelisa that there was "little material from the relatable perspectives of women of color with an open, psychological and creative background.” Alongside a prestigious golden Lamp, Ezri and Jhelisa will receive a token of 1.000 Euros to continue growing the project.

Explore LIFE chats with Ezri and Jhelisa here and listen to the podcast here.

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