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Sandor Dayala - Waar Sta Jij?

Sandor Dayala - Waar Sta Jij?
Familiar Faces

Sandor Dayala is an unstoppable force! After many years of proving himself in the DJ circuit at all our favourite clubs and festivals as well as the projects that he has undertaken with the Plaza crew, he still has unrelenting energy for expression. In his debut single, Sandor Dayala leans into the sentimental tropes of contemporary Garage music and wears his heart on his sleeve as he calls out to the sky with silky bubblegum-pop undertones. His first adventure in showcasing his vocal talents is submerged in this U.K. leaning instrumental that keeps such stepping forward regardless of the melancholy themes discussed. Don't sleep on Sandor Dayala, we gave you a fair warning.


Prod: Eauxmar & Sandor Dayala

Video: Pieter Wibaut & Sandor Dayala

Special thanks to Eline van Workum, Aranka Kooi, Arvind Choeni & Stefanie Boelens

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