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It was only 11 months ago that Het HEM, an ambitious home for contemporary culture, housed within an almost 10,000m2 former ammunitions factory, opened its doors with Chapter 1ne, an exhibition curated by Patta founders Guillaume Schmidt and Edson Sabajo.

The pandemic and the related economic downturn hit Het HEM early in its existence and demand a new approach. Amerborgh International enabled the development of Het HEM last year, but decided as the main supporter that the obligations and risks of an organisation such as Het HEM could no longer be guaranteed. The company Het HEM BV is therefore closed down, while the Foundation remains intact.

Consequently, Het HEM will reduce its staff to a minimum and postpone its activities until 2021. Het HEM will use 2020 to find and develop an alternative financial model that will further consolidate the existence of this young cultural institution in the future. New investors who will help secure the institution's viability were found, but it is not enough. While Het HEM is working passionately on securing long-term financial support, your immediate donation would help them immensely to safeguard this peculiar situation.

Shoot Us With Love! These words inaugurate the crowdfunding campaign that will enable Het HEM to open its doors and the current exhibition Chapter 3HREE: Maarten Spruyt to the public. The campaign will run until June 21, 2020, exactly one year after the grand opening. Read more and support Het HEM here.

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