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Familiar Faces | Raven Artson - Cravin'

Familiar Faces | Raven Artson - Cravin'

Now if the name Raven Artson rings any bells for you it's because he has been a key player in recent lookbooks for Patta. With his Get Familiar article released earlier this year alongside his lead role in ‘The Performer (And Some Brief Thoughts On Beauty From Upper Management)’, a movie directed by Folkert Verdoorn, he has had a monumentous year, and it's not quite over yet.

His latest release is a 23-track compilation featuring all of his recent EPs with 2 new tracks just to top it all off. The physical release of the compilation comes as C-52 solid red cassette tape, inlays with exclusive photography, signed postcard, and all digital EP + single covers. All cassettes are hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies. This physical release and the digital release are available on Raven Artson's Bandcamp or you can stream it down below.

Cravin is written, performed and produced by Raven Artson
Mixed and co-produced by Chris Coady
Additional productions by Garrincha van Leeuwaarde, Mucky
Master by Hay Zeelen and Pete Maher
Additional writing by Camiel Muiser, Melle Dielesen, Beatriz de Rijke
Featuring vocals by Negashi Armada, Ray Fuego, Lyzza, True Blue, Sofie Winterson, Petersburg, Kennedy Wright, Pip Blom, Indigo van Eyck, Aaron Altaras, Mila van der Linden, Charlotte Mandell
Saxophone by Kyle Forester, Kars van den Heuvel
Trombone by Ivan Malespin
Violin by Mihai Puscoiu, Lauren Baba
Photography by Walter Pierre
Creative direction by Jeroen Dankers, Akaar Amin
Hair and make up by Suzanne Verberk
Graphic design by Glamcult
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