Patta Running Team

Patta Running Team was founded in 2010 by Patta co-founder, Edson Sabajo, as a way to motivate his friends and family to train, chill, laugh and party together. Initially a small band of Amsterdam based creatives and casual runners, Edson has captained the team towards expansion and even adding a second Rotterdam based chapter. Now the team consists of people from many different backgrounds and a wide variety in running pace and intensity. While a runner’s objective may differ from person to person, the overall team is not too focused on having an extremely healthy lifestyle. For us, it’s primarily about coming together as a group, dragging each other over the finish line, seeing different places together, and most importantly, having fun.

Bridge the Gap
Bridge The Gap is the movement that brings all of the global urban running crews together under one roof. Formed by founding father Mike Saes (NYC Bridgerunners) and Charlie Dark (Run Dem Crew), Bridge The Gap connects the dots between running culture, lifestyle, music, art and creativity with events around the globe where crews come together to meet, run, create and party together.

Runs 2010-2019

Half Marathons
Soweto, South Africa
Berlin, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
London, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands

Full Marathons
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hong Kong
Athens, Greece
Sevilla, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands

10 K’s & 10 EM’s
Paris, France
Milan, Italy
Maastricht, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ultra Marathons (56 KM)
Cape Town, South Africa