Aside from being a commercial entity, Patta annually donates a fixed percentage of its income to the Patta Foundation to fund projects aimed at inspiring the youth to be active in their communities, aspiring to entrepreneurship and be a leader to their contemporaries. Whether it be in sports, music, art or culture, the young leaders between 20 and 30 will take it upon themselves to offer perspective and be the role model to the next generation. In all of these cases, the younger generation will be trained and educated to take over that torch and do the same for the generation that follows.

Thanks to its strong reputation, aspirational success story and irrefutable history and roots in local youth culture, Patta is able to reach vulnerable and hard to reach target audiences and inspire them. 


Address Information

Address De Wittenstraat 25-7
Postcode 1052AK
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31 20 363 6148
Chamber of Commerce 72963425
Tax ID No. NL859301710
Bank Account No.  
E-Mail [email protected]


Goals & Objectives
Initiate and develop projects that enable growth in young adults through sports, music, fashion, culture entrepreneurship and social consciousness. The Patta Foundation is a non-profit organisation.

The Patta foundation has a three-member board. There is no compensation for board members. The current board members are:

Chairman of the Board: Samora Bergtop
Besides being an actress, Samora is the co-founder of Well made productions and very active in different cultural projects in the Netherlands.

James Veenhoff
James is an owner at FronteerStrategy and very involved in fashion and denim in particular. He has many years of experience in the fashion industry and a financial background. He has initiated House of Denim and Amsterdam Fashion Week.

 Tofik Dibi
Tofik has been a politician and a writer and is also very involved in various cultural projects. He is currently working for the City in Amsterdam.

Other staff members: Tim Sabajo
Tim is general manager at Patta and responsible for bringing in projects and collaborations. For the Foundation, he is in charge of the day-to-day affairs and process email, keep contact with the project managers. (For his work for the foundation he will receive no compensation)

Project managers: we are generally working with young people that have little or no experience. To ensure the quality of the projects, we will appoint a project manager for each project. This will differ from project to project. The Project managers will be compensated and will be included in project budgets.

Finished Projects
As the foundation has only been effective from October 2018; there currently is no project finished as of yet.

Current Projects
We are currently initiating projects for 2019.

Policy Plan Patta Foundation 2019

The Patta Foundation is initiated by the apparel brand Patta. Over the course of several years of building the brand, many projects crossed our desks that we shared an interest in. Whether it was music, sports or helping others set up a business for themselves, we noticed a need to start giving back to the community and to start more non-profit projects. As Patta, we feel that we speak to a younger generation and we want to empower them through various projects around the world. The connections and ideas are already there, and we cannot wait to get started. With the foundation, we can attract funds from various sources, aside from the budget that Patta will annually donate to the foundation.
However you may want to look at it, the youth remains our future. And with our reach and distinctive access, the Patta Foundation will be able to reach a vast group of teens and adolescents with great ideas that are impossible to reach for other foundations.

This policy plan is for 2019 only and a three-year policy plan will be made for 2020-2023

The Patta foundation wants to positively affect society by empowering the youth.

Patta Foundation aims to inspire young people to excel and learn skills that will help them in their personal and professional growth. We want to create chances, provide role models and stimulate leadership.

The Patta Foundation will initiate and support projects for and by young people, that enable growth in young adults through sports, music, fashion, culture, entrepreneurship and social consciousness.

For 2019; we will start with supporting three projects that we are already familiar with. In 2019 we will also set up a structure for application on funding of projects online. Simultaneously, we will start a funding structure for each individual project.

Start of the projects 2019

  • Favela Street foundation - Rocky Hehakaija has already done several projects in Brazil and Haiti with girl empowerment and role models through football competitions. in 2019 we create a project to let the girls who have been involved in past projects to take the next step in order to focus more on leadership and organisation skills.
  • PRT youngsters -  After two successful projects to get young vulnerable groups to start running, Patta Running Team will expand the scope to Sierra Leone. The two previous projects were in cooperation with ROC; Gemeente Amsterdam and Nike.
  • Amsterdam South East Baseball - Baseball is a very big sports in large parts in the world. Although there is an interest in the sports from kids in the South-East of Amsterdam, there is no means to practice baseball there. This project will explore the possibilities of enabling the South East Kids to play some baseball. This Project involves the KNBSB and the Gemeente Amsterdam.

Selection of projects 2020
Patta foundation will develop an application procedure for projects starting in 2020 on the website; this will include detailed regulations for application and selection criteria. The procedure will be in place by Q2 of 2019

Funding for projects 2019
Patta will donate 2% of their annual profit from 2018 to the foundation. We will be the starting capital of the Foundation. The exact amount will be determined based upon the year-end accounts for 2018. Projects will be funded from cooperation with other funds, sponsoring, crowdfunding and beneficiaries.