Patta x Stüssy Respect T-Shirt

Patta x Stüssy Respect T-Shirt

Patta x Stüssy Respect T-Shirt

We are proud to introduce the Respect Tee in collaboration with Stüssy. This special release honors the memory of Patta’s co-founder Guillaume Schmidt's late father Humprey Rietfeld Schmidt, a central figure who positively impacted many lives. The Respect Tee shows Humprey’s image featuring his ethos written around the image.

With the Respect Tee we are not only paying homage to the past but also empowering present and future generations to carry forward the spirit of resilience and progress. All proceeds from this tee will support "Project Bigi Pondo," a charity dedicated to uplifting communities and fostering sustainable development in Surinam. Join us in celebrating this legacy with the Respect Tee and contribute to a brighter future while honoring the giants of our past. Together, we can make a difference.

Project Bigi Pondo

Restoring broken pieces to be healed again, while acquiring wisdom. With the Bigi Pondo project we are transforming the “broken” boat in Afobaka (Surinam) into an art piece together with the school children of the Brokopondo District. The boat in question, left deserted since 1960, once served as the primary means of transportation for over 2000 Marron families, contributing to their self-sufficiency and independence as they migrated to transmigration villages in the Saramaka area in Suriname.

Saamaka Marron Museum

In the village of Pikin Slee on the Upper Suriname River stands the Saamaka Marron Museum. This museum is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Marrons, who managed to break free from slavery on the coastal plantations and established their own communities deep in the Surinamese rainforest. The ancient Saramaka culture still thrives, even in our time. Here, in this special place, the past comes alive and the future takes shape.

The Patta x Stüssy “Respect Tee” is available now exclusively our mobile app and in our chapter stores in Amsterdam, London, Milan and Lagos. The Patta x Stussy capsule collection will be available this Friday.