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Salomon Faye Live from Paris Fashion Week

Salomon Faye Live from Paris Fashion Week
Patta Soundsystem

We recently travelled to Paris for Marshall's 60th Anniversary alongside Echobox Radio from Amsterdam and Oroko Radio from Accra. Teaming up, we were able to showcase a collaborative program curated with our international family. Between live singers, talented musicians, DJs, and collectives we created a safe space to share knowledge amongst strangers at a brand new pop-up location at Rue de Turenne in Le Marais. As the day turned into night, we had the pleasure of hosting a night at Le Rouge and one artist who joined us throughout the festivities is Salomon Faye.

Salomon Faye is a talented French-American hip hop recording artist and songwriter hailing from the diverse cultural hub of New York City, New York. With a unique sound that blends elements of spoken word, soul, and jazz, Salomon has garnered attention from music critics and fans alike for his introspective lyricism and thoughtful social commentary. Drawing inspiration from his multicultural background and upbringing in the melting pot of New York City, Salomon's music tells a story of self-discovery, identity, and the struggles of modern life. With an impressive discography and a passion for using his platform to bring awareness to social issues, Salomon Faye is an artist to watch in the hip hop scene.


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