Patta opened its doors in 2004. Situated right in the city heart of Amsterdam, the store became the centre of attention by bringing new excitement to the Dutch streetwear scene.

Founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt as a means to provide themselves, as well as their friends and family with a steady supply of footwear and gear, that which has started as a hobby, has now flourished into a thriving business and recognisable brand. Both prominent figures in the Dutch Hip-Hop scene in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Edson as a DJ and Gee as host/MC, it was these shared interests that grew into a strong friendship and viable business partnership. Both sociable and open-minded people, they travelled to other countries hunting for sneakers and records, making tons of international friends along the way.

Before the Tier 0, Quickstrike and Consortium accounts, the team travelled across the planet with wads of cash in their pockets, visiting obscure sneaker stores and buying vast amounts of footwear that was unavailable to the Dutch public. Without any shipping accounts or even knowledge of the like, they either posted large boxes of shoes back to their hometown, or they threw them in big duffel bags and tried to bring them back on the plane. This unwavering determination to make success happen, the just-do-it-yourself mentality and the willingness to go against the grain are at the foundation of Patta's identity.

Aside from footwear staples such as Nike, adidas, Converse, ASICS, Reebok, KangaROOS, New Balance and Mizuno, you can also find products from brands like Awake, byParra and Patta's in-house brand and more.

When Patta started out, the logo was used to make a small batch of t-shirts for friends, family and loyal customers. As demand was higher than expected, more were made and eventually evolved into our in-house brand. This small collection in the summer of 2011 was initially available at five retailers across Europe but has since grown in size, quality and availability with 20 highly regarded stockists worldwide carrying the brand.

After eight years at the original location, the Amsterdam Patta store is now located on the historical Zeedijk and in the direct area of Chinatown, Red Light District and Central Station. While initially a famous attraction to fill one's East Asian culinary appetites, it has since grown into a hub for creative and fashionable youngsters, both customers and entrepreneurs. Now, the Zeedijk is home to Stüssy, Comme des Garçons Black and the Zeedijk 60 team (Bonne Suits, TNO & SMIB).

Growth and expansion didn't stop there though, as in 2016 the London Patta store opened its doors in the middle of Soho. Ready to introduce a whole new community to the brand and what it represents.

While over the years the team has grown exponentially and more diverse, more ideas, concepts, products and collaborations with various brands are soon to follow, as growth and expansion continue...

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