Salute to the Expedit

Keep your furniture snobbism to yourself. This is dedicated to one of the greatest pieces of furniture of our time: The Expedit by Ikea. They come in various sizes. You can stack them up. Mount them on your wall. Use them as room dividers. Display your treasures, sneakers or hide your crap. DJ's get rows and rows of them to house precious vinyl collections, the sections are a perfect fit in terms of dimensions and weight. Whatever your needs, the simple, clean design of the Expedit series has been the joint for many years. They're easy to build, even for dummies. And you can paint them. It is hands down one of the tightest solutions for your spot with a reasonable price tag.

Designer Tord Björklund: "Expedit has exactly what I like: simple, clean lines and a distinct, cubic style. That also makes it easy to use the different parts in the series together. The shelving unit has thick sides and thinner shelves which gives a strong expression. And Expedit is produced and transported in a smart and economical way - so you get as much as possible for your money."

Thank you Tord, salute to the Expedit.
(This post is NOT sponsored by Ikea)

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