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AFROVISM at Compagnie Theater

AFROVISM at Compagnie Theater

Photography by Jozelf Wright

On Saturday the 11th of December, Compagnie Theater presents AFROVISM, an afternoon celebrating our African heritage. Join a full program of art exhibits, heritage exchange, fashion, music and performance in a one-time-only curation by Faouziat Biera Faous. How do you represent your heritage? Can you represent your heritage? How do young contemporary artists from the African diaspora relate to their biculturalism? And what concepts for the future do they bring up for discussion?

Creators from the past paved the way for creators of the present, the creators of the present will create the future. We must not forget how the past influenced the future. AFROVISM dives deeper into tales from the past, present and future. The aim is to inspire, celebrate black culture and joy within an eclectic experience that touches on different creative disciplines. When looking for inspiration I dive into Non-Western narratives as Western narratives have always been given to us.”
On the ground floor, you will find an exhibition with work from different contemporary artists of the Afro diaspora: Iriée Zamblé, Kenneth James, Zusters Janssen, Dainty Studio, Bodil Ouédraogo and Osawe.
1.06 Library will provide all music during the exhibition, a curated selection of their archive of Vinyl and CD’s.
In the Kleine Zaal, you can participate in the Heritage Exchange: what stories of your heritage would you love to share? By meeting, sharing and documenting, we’re building an archive of stories.

Find out more about the event here

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