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ECHOBOX 1K Supportathon 24H Non-Stop Live Stream

ECHOBOX 1K Supportathon 24H Non-Stop Live Stream
Support The Box
To keep doing what they do independent online radio platform Echobox could use a lil’ help. So this whole month they are focussing on trying to get that support. Keep an eye out for special events plus other kickass stuff and in the meantime click the ‘Support Us!’ button on to donate.
Passion got them started, and they are planning to stay. Echobox can only give back to their community if you help support them. Your support is needed to navigate them through an exceptionally challenging time. In return, they will remain an independent platform, offering transparency, diversity, and community, while connecting all, to all.

Director: James Hully

ECHOBOX SUPPORTATHON - 24 hour non-stop broadcast this Sunday!!
Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life... 11pm Sat 18th - 11pm Sun 19th Echobox will be broadcasting LIVE from the studio!! With a goal of 1k in 24hrs they need your support. Get your caffeine drips and donations at the ready...let's go!
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