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Lion Kojo x #SaveTheNight

Lion Kojo x #SaveTheNight

Inspired by his series of reflective SELECT shows on Operator Radio, Lion Kojo hosted a sit-down between artists and their parents to discuss the pivotal role music plays in their life. On the tail end of his 1 Year Anniversary show with his parents, he compiled a series of mixes featuring Ramon, Faria and Jerrausama.

They exchange 10 tracks each explaining the attachment to each record and the various stages of life the music accompanied them through. It’s a heart-warming example of how music has the ability to link generations and musical influences trickle down through the years.

With such a long time spent away from live music, this sit-down reminded us of the emotions, memories and feelings within those songs and perhaps outlines more than ever why it is so important to #SaveTheNight.

Special thanks to @jagermeisternl and their #SaveTheNight initiative for helping bring this project to life and their ongoing support for artists and nightlife during corona.

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