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It makes sense that OWN’s members live and work in Amsterdam. In a village-sized metropole, the lines of both communication and cooperation are short and open. The band connected through shared memories and interests, transcending scenes and genres in their attempts at defining what’s theirs. Their professional background in art, design and dj-ing shaped the individual attitudes that merged into OWN’s collective ego. Having collaborated before under various circumstances, all three members shared the desire to investigate unknown territories. OWN’s songs are musically and lyrically uneasy at times, while bold and unapologetic at others. Unimpeded by musical knowledge or experience in the classical sense, their almost naive approach to creating music results in a confident and open-minded language much like the original spirit of their hometown.

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OWN’s first video was created by companion and artist, Aukje Dekker. Dekker, (Rotterdam 1983), is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Amsterdam.

For the single ‘Hold Me Tight’, Dekker made a re-interpretation of one of her existing projects, titled 'Chambre d’hote’.
Dekker's Website 

Stream "Hold Me Tight" through the following link or view the video below.

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