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Passion DEEZ for Patta Soundsystem x Lente Kabinet

Passion DEEZ for Patta Soundsystem x Lente Kabinet
Patta Soundsystem

Together with Lente Kabinet we warm up with two effervescent mixes, of which Passion DEEZ is the first! This is just a harbinger of the sounds that will be heard on the Patta Soundsystem Stage during Lente Kabinet 2022.

After many years, Passion DEEZ is finally performing outdoors in nature. This will be a new experience that will be celebrated with a performance at sunset. At Dekmantel Festival, a few years ago, the London-raised DJ was blown away. Simo Cell's Boiler Room was one of the highlights. The Grimey influences of this performance inspired Passion DEEZ to find his own musical place in the Netherlands. Lente Kabinet is the next step in his artistic, international journey.


You can catch Passion DEEZ at the Patta Soundsystem Stage at Lente Kabinet 2022. Head over here to find out more about this event.

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