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By now you've heard the story of how one of the most hyped releases of the year came to be: in 2017, Nike invited 12 creatives to design the future of Nike Air. These "Revolutionairs" came up with their footwear designs, and the public voted on which shoe would be released for Air Max Day 2018. The winner, ROUND TWO owner Sean Wotherspoon, combined an Air Max 97 upper with an Air Max 1 outsole and midsole. The multicoloured corduroy upper was inspired by vintage Nike hats, as well as a brainstorm with close friends and confidants.

Colour-wise, the group started with brown and thought of colours that matched with it, including green and purple. In the end, Wotherspoon feels he was subconsciously inspired to go with more pastel colours to match his own uniform staple, a white T-shirt.

The colours were also inspired by vintage Nike sneakers and windbreakers from the '80s and '90s, notes Wotherspoon.

A smiley face from a vintage "Have a Nike Day" T-shirt made it onto the shoe's insole, in addition to a wave patch on the left tongue. "When you put your shoes on, the first thing you want to see is a face smiling back at you, right?", says Wotherspoon.

Inspired by the Air Jordan I, Sean set off to choosing materials with the intention of creating something that gets better with age. "What I was trying to accomplish with this Air Max 97 Hybrid is exactly what Nike did with the 1985 Air Jordan 1s — my favorite shoe ever. I got so many pairs, yo! People are always buying them, they’re never out of style. And, the more you wear them, beat them up, the more scuffs they get, the shoes just keep looking better and better and better and better! That shoe will live forever." This, coupled with his vegan lifestyle and the ubiquity of corduroy in '90s gear, made for an easy choice of material for the upper: cord on everything. "Colours represented in corduroy are so much richer."

“When we designed these shoes, I tried to take my nostalgic memories and create something new from them,” says Wotherspoon. “That’s my thing. It’s an organic feeling, and as you can see in the shoes we made, it’s pretty special.”

“The future of the Nike Air Max is not having to buy a new pair after beating the shoe up.”

The Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon will be available for pick up in store at Patta's Zeedijk 61 only for the raffle winners.
Models: Quinsley Emers, Soufiane Reclaoui

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