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Edson and Guillaume (Gee) started Patta in 2004 to bring hard-to-find sneakers first to their friends and family, and then to the Dutch public. They did this by just jumping in; travelling around Europe buying up heaps of footwear and then hauling crammed-full duffel bags on the flight and tram home, to Patta’s first door in the heart of hustling Amsterdam.

This is an effort that could only ever be motivated to fruition by passion and the will to drag a vision into reality.

And it worked. Eight years later Patta has relocated to the Zeedijk, nestled into a destination street and hub for Amsterdam’s creative and entrepreneurial youth, while also expanding into London and planting a flag in trendy Soho. They’ve also bought on a talented team, including designer and creative director, Vincent, to help them bring their love of sneakers and sneaker culture to their committed fanbase.

The Patta collab is the first with a European brand for Jordan and, considering that the story at the core of both franchises is one of an indomitable determination to win, no matter what, it is an extremely fitting one.

We caught up with Gee and Vincent to talk about their inspirations and the design of the collection.


“It’s quite an honour to be able to work with Jordan, to work on a shoe that I was a big fan of since back in the day, when I was a little kid. It’s a bit surreal for both of us.”


“For me there’s a lot of that nostalgia, bringing me back to those days; sport, basketball, hip hop…so…yeah.”


“The way Jordan looked, the way he played

man…it’s no wonder that energy became

such a strong part of pop culture.”


“The way Jordan looked, the way he carried himself, the way he played, man…it’s no wonder that energy became such a strong part of pop culture. Creeping into hip-hop, adopted by Spike Lee and Black empowerment… like, how could a thing be so dope…?”


When Jordan first approached Vincent and Gee to do a collab, the two founders immediately wanted to work with the Jordan VII. They chose this silhouette because of its more unique place in the Jordan line-up.

“It’s the all-time favourite shoe for both of us. So, it was a pretty simple decision.”

“It’s a very specific shoe, most go for the III, IV, or V, and of course, the AJI. But the VII is amazing, it just sticks out so much.”

The duo wanted to imbue their design with the spirit of Patta, of what their shop and community stands for, electing a warmer colourway than the traditional grey, black, and Bordeaux look of the OG.

“We wanted to do a colour scheme that you might not normally see in a Jordan, make it a bit warmer, a bit more soulful. You feel that when you see it, with the velvet brown and pinkish touch.

“It’s the sister of the OG. But more PATTA, more towards our environment. Lucky #7, this how we do.”

“It’s the sister of the OG. But more
PATTA, more towards our environment.
Lucky #7, this how we do.”

The sole of the shoe is branded with the Patta script, the first Jordan VII sneaker to feature a logo underfoot, something that Vincent and Gee wanted to do in order to make it even more unique.

Vincent and Gee wanted the packaging to feature the shoe they love. The box of the Air Jordan VII ‘Patta’ nods back to the design process, featuring a line-by-line, full colour illustration of the computer render printed on a crisp white. The print is accompanied by the Patta script in its traditional vibrant red.


“We were, like, why not do a drawing? It will look fresh to make the box all white, it will stand out. We always do unique boxes, that’s a part of the experience.”

Their vision for the tracksuit and clothing line that complements the sneaker brings in much of the detailing of the original, embracing its African inspiration while evolving it to make it fit their vision of a relevant look for today.

The collection includes TEAM PATTA branding, a phrase that has been part and parcel to the shop and its community since day one. The Patta family is a group of people that are wired in a similar way, each with a role and a part, but all with a spirit of DIY and independence.

“Our community and customers are an extension of that family, and an extension of TEAM PATTA. They’re a part of it and we want them to feel that with our designs.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what colour or gender you are, it’s all good with us.”

“Patta’s got love for all, that’s what we say, that’s what we are.”

“Patta’s got love for all, that’s
what we say, that’s what we are.”

The Patta x Jordan collab, including the Air Jordan VII ‘Patta’ and the apparel collection, arrives June 15th on SNEAKRS.


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