Nike FC Barcelona x Patta Culers del Món

Nike FC Barcelona x Patta Culers del Món


Photography by Vincent van de Waal


At Patta, football is woven into our very fabric, part of our rich history through jerseys that embody the spirit of the game. This collaboration with FC Barcelona and Nike was a natural fit; we only pursue endeavours that align with our core values. Partnering on this collection has been a dream come true, a testament to our enduring passion for the beautiful game.

Amsterdam and Barcelona, cities with a deep connection across generations, that come together seamlessly in the world of football. The Dutch School's influence continues to shape modern football, with Dutch trainers playing significant roles in FC Barcelona’s rich past. A thread of history connects us - Amsterdam players leaving their mark at FC Barcelona, their journey intertwined with our shared Surinamese roots.

This project's creative canvas pays tribute to our very essence, reflecting the DNA, passion, and love that define true football aficionados. 'Barca-blood,' a metaphorical elixir, that runs through the veins of fans worldwide, uniting us in a symphony of Blue and Red. Blaugrana isn't just a colour scheme; it's a spirit and a legacy. We are Culers del Món, a global community united by our love for FC Barcelona. Our devotion to this club propels us forward in this extraordinary collaborative journey. This collection isn't just about football; it's about a shared heartbeat, pulsating with love for the game and the club that unites us all.

The Nike FC Barcelona x Patta Culers del Món collection will be available Friday, October 13th at 13:00 online and in Patta Chapter stores. A Patta logo pre-match jersey is exclusively available via Patta; while the Spotify logo pre-match jersey is available on Patta, Nike and FC Barcelona sites on Monday, October 16th.

Concept by:
Director: Paul Geusebroek
Creative Director: Vincent van de Waal
Nike Relationships Director: Lukas Nieuwenhuijsen

D.O.P: Menno Mans

Produced by: Iconoclast
Co-produced by: Halal

EP Iconoclast: Francesco Colombo
EP Halal: Job Sanders

Produced by: Halal /
Producer Surinam + NL: Niels Visser
Producer NL: Janneke Mushonga
Post Producer: Anya Kruzmetra
Lead Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz
Production Design NL: Liz Kooij & Clara Bragdon
Lead Styling: Marion Brillouet / Tirino Yspol

Service Production Surinam
Service Production Surinam: The Back Lot
Producer: Gino Refos (The Back Lot)
Production manager: Esperanza Bodeutsch (The Back Lot)
Styling: Brigitte Hilversum / Tirino Yspol

EP Iconoclast Spain: Bernard Amsellem
Producer: Isidor Arjona
Production Manager: Arnau Ros
Production Coordinator: Cris Cuello

Editor: Nick Rondeau @ Cabin
Online & VFX: Ambassadors
Creative Director: Justin Blyth
Producer: Carolina van Vugt
Creative VFX Director: Stijn Waterman
Grading: Laurens Orij @ Crabsalad
Sound Designer: Michael Sauvage & Quincy Vlijtig @ Sauavge Sound

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