Converse Chuck 70 OX (Black/Black/Egret)

Converse Chuck 70 OX (Black/Black/Egret) Converse Chuck 70 OX (Black/Black/Egret) Converse Chuck 70 OX (Black/Black/Egret)

Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills, the Converse Rubber Shoe company primarily produced winter boots with rubber soles. In 1915 they started manufacturing athletic shoes and in 1917 the All-Star basketball shoe was released.

It started really picking up steam in the 1920's when Chuck Taylor, a basketball player and product marketer began wearing and promoting their shoes. Widely regarded as the highest selling shoe of all time, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars have become some of the most recognisable pieces of footwear worldwide.

Converse Chuck 70 OX has been a staple wardrobe piece for 50 years now. This model comes in this classic black on white sole colour way. 

Made in Vietnam.

Cotton upper, rubber sole. 

Style Nr: 162058C