Karhu Trampas (Mustard/Mustard/White)

Karhu Trampas (Mustard/Mustard/White) Karhu Trampas (Mustard/Mustard/White) Karhu Trampas (Mustard/Mustard/White) Karhu Trampas (Mustard/Mustard/White) Karhu Trampas (Mustard/Mustard/White)



Founded in 1916 by Finnish company Ab Sports Artiklar, Karhu is without a doubt a brand with a long line of heritage. In Finnish, the word Karhu means bear.  The strength and reliability of the footwear correlates closely to its namesake's physical attributes. The brand is also famous for trademarking the three stripes logo which they later sold to adidas.

The Karhu Trampas is a minimalist silhouette by the Swedish footwear pioneers. Karhu are well known as one of the first companies to experiment with the midsole, seeing the need for athletes to have a shoe built for performance. This Trampas model keeps with this mentality; offering a striped back all leather tennis shoe with branding on the side. Available in 3 iterations; including two all leather models and a forrest green suede option. 

100% Leather.

SKU: F809003