Patta Basic Crewneck Sweater (Black)

Patta Basic Crewneck Sweater (Black) Patta Basic Crewneck Sweater (Black)

With the way that our collections come and go, it's always nice to include some basic items that we release every season in recurring and new colours. The Crewneck Sweater is a classic menswear staple, findable in nearly everyone's closet. Since it's such a ubiquitous item, there are many ways to approach the fit and fabric. For our base, we chose for a bit of a loose fit with the rib panels in the side for increased pull and mobility. Under the front of the collar, you can find the classic ribbed triangle insert, which allows for a bit more stretch when pulling the sweater over your head. Furthermore, the inside of the garment is softly brushed and will keep you warm and is comfortable against the skin. This sweat features a small silkscreen printed Patta Script Logo on the chest and is available in the colours: Hot Coral and Tapenade.

Style Nr: POC-BC-CS-001
Made in Mauritius

Size Measurements in cm's: