Patta Forever Hooded Sweater (Snow Marle)

Patta Forever Hooded Sweater (Snow Marle) Patta Forever Hooded Sweater (Snow Marle)

Patta is releasing a triad of hooded sweaters, a capsule collection aimed at self-assertion. Since all we got is us, it can be helpful to know who you are. The answer is loud & clear: We will be here forever, independent as fuck, even in the darkest night.

How many real hip-hoppers in the place right about now? A great question to ask, especially for the release of this particular capsule. If you're not familiar with the quote featured on the back of this Marle Grey Hoodie, it might be a good time to delve into some New York Hip-Hop-History. Don't underestimate the power of knowledge though, in the end, knowledge reigns supreme- over nearly everyone.

As much as we continue to encourage people to stay inside and practice self-isolation, we realise that home is not a safe place for everyone. We will, therefore, donate part of the proceeds from the sale of the Patta Darkest Night Hooded Sweater, Patta Independent Hooded Sweater, and the Patta Forever Hooded Sweater to the Blijf Groep, a private initiative in Amsterdam that has been successfully campaigning against domestic violence for nearly 40 years.

Style Code: POC-PSP-FOREVER-HS-001
Made in Mauritius