Patta Painted Skull T-Shirt (Black)

Patta Painted Skull T-Shirt (Black) Patta Painted Skull T-Shirt (Black) Patta Painted Skull T-Shirt (Black) Patta Painted Skull T-Shirt (Black)

"For me, the portrait is a theatrical play with eyes, nose, mouth, and the light as principal actors. Comedy or drama, equally interesting. I feel that in essence, every portrait is a self-portrait too, I don't want to please nor do I aim at merely creating a realistic representation. I like to capture the moment and preferably paint more than one portrait of a subject, nobody is just one person."

This quote by the creator of this season's Painted Skull graphic, Hans van der Leeuw sums up how he approaches every brushstroke of his oil-paint portraits, emphasizing on interaction rather than interpretation. While he usually portrays living beings, the graphic he created for Patta depicts someone who has moved on to the afterlife. The story behind the Skull and what this (un)fortunate soul had to endure is all up for interpretation. The Patta Painted Skull graphic is featured on two styles this season, a T-Shirt and Hooded Sweater.

A more direct approach in comparison to the Hooded Sweater, with the graphic being on the front instead of the back of the piece. The Patta Painted Skull T-Shirt is here to take summer by force. You know how it goes, black shades, black tee, black shorts. The only decision you'll need to make is whatever is going to be on your feet, something with a splash of colour or go full 'don't-fuck-with-me' with some black trainers. 

Made in Mauritius