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  • 808

    16.10.2014 by

    The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was one of the first programmable drum machines, the heart of the beat that changed music. Japanese music equipment brand Roland manufactured the machine from 1980–1984, and one of the key people to use it was Arthur Baker. The producer of the classic “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force now presents the official trailer for his documentary aptly titled “808″. The film is directed by Alexander Dunn and features appearances and commentary from the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Rick Rubin, The Bomb Squad, Phil Collins, Fatboy Slim, Todd Terry, Pharrell, Diplo, Ikutaro Kakehashi (the founder of Roland) and many more. Coming to a screen near you in 2015.


    14.10.2014 by

    The original Hip-Hop documentary Style Wars (1983), directed by Tony Silver and produced in collaboration with Henry Chalfant, is scheduled for a re-release on Blu-ray, featuring a brand new HD transfer from the original 16mm print. It will also include over 70 minutes of never before seen extras to geek out over, including outtakes and The B-Boy Showcase made from unreleased footage, and a behind the scene look at the making of the film during the final stages of the editing process. The indispensable document of NY street culture and subway aerosol art of the early ’80s will hit stores November 4th, 2014.


    14.10.2014 by

    Chapman Skateboards is a wood workshop dedicated to producing skateboard decks since 1991. With roots planted firmly in New York, Chapman has manufactured boards that have been instrumental in shaping the history of East Coast skateboarding, producing decks for Zoo York, Hopps, Supreme, Infamous, Traffic, Illuminati, Cliché, as well as countless other small independent brands over the years. This short film documents the complete skateboard production process, to celebrate the people as well as the craftsmanship involved in the making of each of these decks.


    14.10.2014 by

    Into The Light is an experimental film created by director Jason Goldwatch, featuring this guy who’s album we have been waiting for forever. The film is scheduled to release in 2015. Peep the trailer below.

    “Jay Electronica is full of mystery, and like a magician, his character lends itself to new ways of seeing things that would seem impossible to many. Several years ago, Jay and I traveled to the other side of the Earth. We left a piece of ourselves there. In exchange, we brought back something entirely new, and the images that follow are a glimpse into that magic for everyone who’s curious.

    Traveling across strange lands, we were invited to attend sacred ceremonies of sacrifice and parading celebrations of ancient descent. We trekked together towards the horizon and explored crowded monasteries, solitary mountain top temples, slums of filthy laughing children, and rivers running with blood and flower petals. I documented as Jay walked a river of burning human bodies. We crash landed a helicopter in the Himalayas, and he delivered rice and clean water to a school in a refugee tent city. The result was a collage of movements and emotion.

    The experience in itself was a perfect circle. A question with no answers. Full of laughter and tears, but no love story or plot twists. We searched for absolute truth in life, and the only undeniable answer we found was death.

    Since returning, I have been working on a film based on this journey called Into the Light. It is experimental in form and best described as a meditation in un-learning. A movement in seeing without watching, hearing without listening, and the brave exploration of spirit. I look forward to sharing this film soon.” – Jason Goldwatch


    13.10.2014 by

    Patta 10 Year Script Logo T-Shirt, Patta x Diadora N 9000.
    Photography by Lisa Rong


    09.10.2014 by


    09.10.2014 by

    Patta Coach jacket.
    Bas Pelders. DJ/Producer Seth. Waalwijk, The Netherlands.


    09.10.2014 by

    Patta and Mitchell & Ness have joined together to release a duo of limited edition jackets. Both jackets are authentic Mitchell & Ness silhouettes, remade to the exact specs of the way the players and coaches wore them on field and in the stands in professional American leagues.

    The nylon warm up jacket comes in navy/yellow with mesh lining and snap front closure. The body and right sleeve feature embroidered patches, finished off with a felt id tag sewn into the back waistband. The second jacket is an authentic varsity jacket made from 100% premium quality wool and quilted satin lining. The snap closure front bears the embroidered felt Patta Script logo. The inner completed with a felt id tag and each jacket is individually numbered.

    Saturday the 18th of October sees the opening of the exclusive 1 WEEK ONLY Mitchell & Ness Pop-Up Store in downtown Soho, London. Kicking off the week is the launch of the Patta x Mitchell & Ness event – The Mitchell & Ness Pop-Up Store will be the ONLY place where you will be able to get the Patta x Mitchell & Ness authentic varsity jacket (50 pieces made, retail price €450,00) and warm up jacket (300 pieces made, retail price €150,00). The first 300 purchases of either one of the jackets also include a Patta x Mitchell & Ness co-branded canvas duffel bag.

    For the remainder of the week, Mitchell & Ness will be selling their trademark NBA, NHL, NCAA and own branded headwear and apparel plus store-exclusive pieces.

    Patta x Mitchell & Ness Launch October 18, 2014
    Mitchell & Ness Pop-Up Store
    7 Greens Court
    London W1F 0HQ
    Great Britain

    Photography: Van de Waal & Reijn
    Models: Abel Minnee & Tadzio


    09.10.2014 by

    Young and upcoming Malachi Manukure is someone to keep an eye on. As a member of TNO Soundsystem, ‘The New Originals’, he already had some impressive gigs under his belt.
    Malakami plays as a resident at various Amsterdam hot spots, as well as gigs across Europe. ‘Atlantis’ is the first official solo mixtape showcasing Malakami’s talent and musical sense. Check it out in full below.


    09.10.2014 by

    Sibylline Sound sits down with Netherlands-born, Bali-based, DJ and Producer, Aardvarck. He shares his insights on his musical influences and process as well as his first impressions of Bangkok.


    09.10.2014 by

    This has been in my heavy rotation for a hot minute. Produced by !llmind, directed by Matt Meehan. Boaz debut album “Intuition” out October 21 on Rostrum Records.


    08.10.2014 by

    A film by WEVER/ELGERSMA

    Part 1