A Fundraiser Supporting Medical Aid in Palestine

A Fundraiser Supporting Medical Aid in Palestine

A Fundraiser Supporting Medical Aid in Palestine

Adish is proud to announce the launch of an upcoming collaborative fundraiser to support medical aid in Palestine. More than 250 one-of-a-kind, up-cycled, and hand-customized items will be available for purchase, all made possible through the support and generous donations of existing samples and deadstock from our friends and community.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians, a nonprofit organization working widely through Palestine and Palestine refugee camps to provide both immediate medical aid and long-term infrastructure solutions.

Each unique piece featured in the fundraiser takes on new life through the application of a traditional Palestinian craft. These cherished hand adornments are individually produced by our network of workshops and communities of craftspeople in occupied Palestine and Israel—long standing partners with whom we collaborate on all our collections.

Palestinian Tatreez embroidery is the primary craft applied, and it can be found on a selection of tie-dye t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants from Cactus Plant Flea Market and Noma Textile Design, as well as on graphic tees, hoodies, and pants by Stussy, LQQK Studios, and Patta, to name a few. This centuries-old art form is handmade traditionally by women in Palestine, passed down from mother to daughter. It is both a symbol and process of resistance in the face of rampant cultural erasure and the ongoing occupation of Palestinian land by Israel.

Suicoke slippers are reimagined in a deadstock fabric from the Inoue Brothers, hand-embroidered with traditional Bedouin embroidery, while hats from Poche are adorned with hanging woven wool tassels, an element of the Bedouin weaving craft called Nasij. These highlights join a full list of participants to whom we owe our gratitude: 8-Ball Community, Big Love Records, Brain Dead, Cactus Plant Flea Market, CNYNY, Dickies, Eco-Cycle, Highsnobiety, Levis, LQQK Studio, Miracle Seltzer, Noma Textile Design, Online Ceramics, PAM, Patta, Poche, PZ Today, Stussy, Suicoke, and The Inoue Brothers.

Palestinian-American artist Jordan Nassar, one of Adish’s founders, oversaw the design and application process of the traditional techniques, with each craft applied by a group of resilient craftswomen working to preserve and maintain their cultural heritage and shared ancestral knowledge.

To commemorate this event, we have also created a limited-run tote bag made in collaboration with American artist Emma Kohlmann. The fundraiser will take place in Paris from June 24, 2022, through June 26, 2022, at Dover Street Market’s event space, 3537, with an installation by PZtoday.