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As Patta speaks to the youth, we seek to inspire, educate, and motivate young people all over the world. The Patta Foundation supports projects that promote social change and the development of a prosperous future generation. The motto "each one teach one" expresses our commitment to giving back to the community that has helped Patta become the clothing brand it is today. Our initiatives promote inclusivity and diversity as we engage in projects targeting  young, marginalized and vulnerable audiences. We stand to benefit local communities and encourage youngsters to realize their limitless potential. Boundless, the Foundation, is active in a variety of social sectors, including culture, sports, and the arts. Spreading knowledge and creativity while bridging social gaps is a core element of our strategy towards creating a long-term positive impact.


 The Patta Foundation is dedicated to bringing about meaningful social change by combining community and social efforts aimed at minority, vulnerable, and young audiences. We strive for greater social inclusion, equality, and diversity by being active in environments where marginalization and social discrimination are evident. 


We aspire to contribute to the development of a prosperous and strong generation by inspiring and educating young audiences. Our projects focus on the development of a wide range of skills that contribute to young people's personal and professional development.  These initiatives promote greater participation in sports, arts, education, music, fashion and entrepreneurship.


The Patta Foundation aims to set and support projects while raising funds through sponsorships and public funding. The foundation bears responsibility for the well-being of young people when working with them. We only engage into partnerships that guarantee long-term trust and a strong sense of responsibility. The foundation takes full accountability by enforcing a code of conduct that every employee, volunteer, and affiliated partner must follow.

Project Managers
We are generally working with young people that have little or no experience. To ensure the quality of the projects, we will appoint a project manager for each project. This will differ from project to project. Project managers will be compensated and will be included in project budgets.

Finished Projects

- Patta Summer School
- Patta Running Team Youngsters Initiative
- Bijlmer Run
- Tommy x Patta
- Reebok x Patta
- Sistah Space x Patta
- The Black Archives x Patta
- Patta x PIP

Current Projects
Patta Academy

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