Posted by Anne van Lingen on

As you may know, our Patta x Jordan VII Icicle launched in stores and online this past Friday. For us, the release was a massive success as the website was stable and a lot of people posted comments online that they managed to purchase their product successfully. The collection sold out quickly. Unfortunately, these extremely high heat launches also attract a large amount of bot traffic and fraudulent payments. Luckily, the lion share of bot traffic was mitigated by the bot protection software used on our new website, with most of these orders and fraudulent payments flagged, blocked and subsequently cancelled. This means that we have a few pairs of the Patta x Jordan VII Icicle back in stock

We could just offer these pairs up in our online shop again, but bots are still scraping the website for any possible restocks. So if we were to add them, these pairs would be gone by the time we were even able to post a small restock message on our social media channels or website. Instead we have decided to organise a raffle for the remaining pairs and only announce it through our newsletter. This way, we can give another fair shot to our most loyal customers and add that little bit of humanity to the process. 

So if you missed out during the launch last Friday, please sign up to our newsletter at the very bottom of any page on our website and expect instructions to land in your inbox in the next few days. Good luck!