Famirie x Bone Soda x Live at the BBQ @ Parallel

Famirie x Bone Soda x Live at the BBQ @ Parallel

Famirie x Bone Soda x Live at the BBQ @ Parallel

Artwork by Jan | Video by Andre

Famirie, an Amsterdam-based collective, draws its name from the Surinamese word for family, reflecting the deep-rooted resistance nurtured within its cultural heritage. Their mission revolves around creating spaces and experiences that serve as the foundation for lifelong bonds. While emphasizing the importance of maintaining family ties, Famirie goes beyond traditional notions of kinship. Through their carefully curated club nights, exhibitions, workshops, and sound sessions, they seamlessly blend different art forms, fostering a harmonious environment that sparks creativity and connection.

Although rooted in Amsterdam, Famirie aims to extend their reach across the EU, weaving strong cultural networks and promoting solidarity. At the same time, they challenge prevailing misconceptions surrounding black music, seeking to reclaim and redefine its narrative within the current mainstream discourse. Famirie strives to reconnect the diaspora through the celebration of black music, breaking free from limiting stereotypes and encouraging the fusion of sounds. By embracing the diverse tapestry of diasporic identities, they emphasize the profound influence of black music on contemporary musical expressions and advocate for its recognition and respect.

Join Famirie on their journey of cultural exploration and connection. By celebrating heritage, breaking down barriers, and elevating the significance of black music, they invite individuals to become part of a vibrant community where art, music, and family converge to create extraordinary experiences. Discover the transformative power of Famirie: Uniting Hearts and Minds through Art and Music.

An upcoming highlight in the Famirie calendar is a collaborative party taking place on June 3rd at Parallel. Joining forces with UK-based Bone Soda and Amsterdam-based Live at the BBQ, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience. Taking centre stage are some of our favourites from the diaspora, including Vhoor, K, LeMaestro, Ri-Baddest, Chalé, and Garnett, who will be showcasing the immense richness and diverse range of black music.

Amidst the immersive world of music, Famirie remains steadfast in their belief that the material struggles within these spaces should not be overlooked. They prioritize upholding and recognizing this belief in every aspect of their programming, team composition, and door policies. By actively acknowledging and addressing the obstacles posed by the white capitalist patriarchy, Famirie is committed to breaking down barriers and empowering the diaspora to reclaim their rightful space.

In their ongoing quest to push boundaries and overcome limitations, Famirie has introduced membership cards. These cards serve as a means to facilitate access and participation for BIPOC individuals in Famirie gatherings throughout Europe. Depending on the event, venue, and occasion, the membership cards offer discounted or free entry. Look out for these cards at various locations across the city, and stay updated on the latest details through Famirie's Instagram.

Famirie is determined to create transformative experiences, celebrate black music, and foster a sense of belonging for the diaspora. Join them as they defy expectations, champion inclusivity, and pave the way for a more equitable and vibrant cultural landscape.

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