Get Familiar: Bnnyhunna

Get Familiar: Bnnyhunna

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Get Familiar: Bnnyhunna

Bnnyhunna is the most exciting contribution to Jazz music in Amsterdam. The kid with Ghanaian roots from the South East part of Amsterdam has blossomed into a standalone visionary amongst his peers. Frequently collaborating with familiar faces from our neighbours on Zeedijk, he has been a staple in many TNO and SMIB projects in recent memory.

How did music first enter your life?

I was born into music, as my dad was a musician and he had lots of CDs that he played in the car or at home, which infatuated me.

What musicians did you look up to coming up?

Robert Glasper, Victor Wooten, Pharrell Williams, Kanye and J Dilla

What are some of your earlier attempts at making music before you were doing what you do now?

I used to rap because of my affection for hip-hop.

You have a very analogue sound so for the gear nerds out there, can you let us know what you’re working with?

I use a Nord keyboard, A Roland SH-01 synth, Behringer Model-D and a bunch of plugins that are based on classic synthesizers.

Your energy for creation is quite infectious, how do you stay so motivated to create?

By involving my environment when I create. For they are the reason that I’m inspired to do what I’m doing.

Who are your favourite people to collaborate with?

I work with Junya a lot, that’s the homie. Also other artists like Nnelg, Jarreau Vandal, Smandem, Anan and Latanya who are very good in what they’re doing.

What journey took you to where you are, in terms of the aesthetics that you appreciate in music?

Growing up in Amsterdam Sout- East and having so much black creativity around me.

What is special about the scene in the Netherlands to you?

The fact that nobody is shy of collaborating with each other.

What does the rest of the year look like for you?

I’m playing at the Super Sonic Jazz Festival, on the same day as Roy Ayers. That’s big. I’ve also performed in the Ajax stadium a few months earlier, and I’m very grateful for that. I’m also looking forward to creating new stuff and collaborating with other artists and musicians for my upcoming EP.