Get Familiar: Chalice Cox-Hynd

Get Familiar: Chalice Cox-Hynd

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Get Familiar: Chalice Cox-Hynd

We are delighted to introduce you to Chalice Cox-Hynd, a remarkable individual who can be found during office hours being the of Programming at Echobox Radio and Head of Communications at De School, two prominent institutions in our beloved city of Amsterdam. Beyond their contributions to the radio landscape, Chalice's life is enriched by a multitude of hobbies and projects that ignite their creativity and provide a sense of solace.

Chalice's diverse range of interests is truly captivating. Their culinary adventures in the realm of vegan cooking not only satisfy their palate but also reflect their dedication to sustainable living. Alongside their culinary pursuits, Chalice delves into the fascinating history of the persecution of people as witches in Medieval Europe, seeking to understand and shed light on the struggles faced by marginalized communities in the past. Moreover, Chalice finds joy and artistic expression in the intricate art of crocheting. Their nimble fingers bring life to unique and handmade creations, showcasing their creativity and attention to detail. In their relentless pursuit of knowledge and social awareness, Chalice remains abreast of queer news and politics. Their commitment to staying informed contributes to the ongoing dialogue surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and equality, ensuring their perspective is grounded in empathy and understanding. When not engrossed in their various endeavors, Chalice cherishes moments of tranquility spent cuddling their beloved dog, Dino. The unconditional love and companionship shared with their furry friend provide a sense of warmth and comfort amidst the busyness of life.

We invite you to delve into the experiences, insights, and captivating world of independent radio at Echobox, guided by the remarkable Chalice Cox-Hynd. Together, we will uncover the stories and passions that shape their extraordinary journey.

What earlier adventures in audio led to you becoming a radio lover?

I was always fascinated by all the stories of the early pirate radio ships out on the high seas. My Mum used to tell me tales of hiding under the bed sheets to tune in with her little transistor radio in the middle of the night to try and hear the latest rock n roll that wouldn’t be played on commercial stations. Cut to the mid-00s and my friends and I would drive out of town to the top of a hill to tune in to Rinse, back when it was only available on tiny FM bandwidths. There’s always been something anarchic and punk about radio, or at least, the possibility to be subversive. It’s not as tangible as visual mediums: it’s ephemeral yet exists as a whole world that you can tune in and out of. I wanted a piece of that magic.

Your energy for curation and creations is exceptionally infectious, how do you stay so motivated?

I’ve always been attracted to dissonance: finding beauty in ugliness and triumph in despair. I love what happens when you put unexpected things together. That and coffee. Coffee is a big fucking motivator haha.

What journey took you to where you are, in terms of the aesthetics that you appreciate in music?

I grew up in a really music-loving household. My Mum played a lot of protest music from the 60s and my Dad had a great record collection of art rock and 90s acid house that I’ve since acquired. I was lucky enough to be listening to Richie Havens, Joan Baez, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Orbital, Underworld, Sneaker Pimps, Kaftwerk. I think that definitely helped shape my taste in throwing different things together to find a narrative.

As soon as I could I started going to a lot of gigs. I grew up in the English countryside where not much happened but we’d get the bus to the local bigger towns and cities to see punk and metal bands in pubs. Hung out in a lot of squats with a lot of dodgy soundsystems haha. So anything with a raw DIY attitude always grabs my attention. Definitely has a hand in the appeal of independent.


What inspired you to pursue a career in broadcasting and how did you get your start in the industry?

I truly discovered radio at University. I had a show with a couple of friends on Livewire 1350 in a fossilised studio above the student union that would rattle whenever there were any gigs or parties going on underneath. It was pretty student-like in the sense that we tried to tackle topics that were way too big for us, but I was hooked. My happy place is broadcasting live.

You have worked with both the BBC and Echobox Radio. How do these two organisations differ in terms of their approach to radio production and broadcasting?

The BBC is really a mammoth organisation. I started out operating the phones for an all-request show on BBC 2 and then later worked with the news department…

You also do communications for the Amsterdam nightclub De School, how the first few months back open been like for you and any key highlights so far?

Getting to be part of the team for the last few months of this institution of Amsterdam… that’s been a real treat. Such amazing people.

Your radio show on Echobox is called "Chalice in Wonderland". Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind the show and what kind of content you feature?

I’ve been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland as a story ever since I can remember. There’re a lot of great film adaptations (I reccomend Jan Svankmajer's 1988 stop motion version), but if you’re ever inclined to pick up a book, I really urge you to read the original text. It’s truly a masterclass in dream logic and surreality, where the whole world operates under completely different lore and laws (time, physics, even language break down), but there is still a thread that somehow ties it together and keeps you bobbing along on this sea of nonsense. I wanted to evoke that in my shows. I really just wanted to be able to smash a lot of different music together (1930s blues, doom metal, punk, Neo-classical, post-rock, acid house) but somehow find a narrative line. I love to chat too and engage with the listeners as much as possible. It’s a fun time tumbling down the rabbit hole!

However, this question is coming at an interesting time as I played my final Chalice in Wonderland show in April! Super happy to announce that I will be co-hosting a new breakfast show on Echobox one Friday out of every month, starting Friday 26th May with my pal and fellow Echobox programmer Harry! Tune in to ‘When Do You Sprout?’ and wake up with us!

Radio or Raving?

Radio haha. Or both! Love a live broadcast from somewhere weird.

Beyond the music, what else do you like to get up to?

Cooking (vegan), crocheting, studying the history of the persecution of people as witches in Medieval Europe, keeping up with queer news & politics & cuddling my dog.

You love taking your dog, Dino, for walks. Where do you like to wander in the Netherlands?

I’m very lucky that little Deenz can come with me most places! He’s the perfect Amsterdam size and sits in my basket on my bike. Most EB residents are familiar with him now I think haha! We do a lot of city walking, mostly West as I’ve got to the point where all my ventures are situated here and very close to each other. But if I have time to go further afield, he loves the dunes! First time I saw him on the sand, it almost broke my heart… he was like a deer leaping in the air!

You are involved in the new cafe Subcult in Amsterdam, which brands itself as an "ode to the odd". What drew you to this project and how do you see it fitting in with the Amsterdam cafe scene?

Yeah it’s got a great manifesto haha! Also refers to itself as ‘If a dive bar and a cafe had a baby’… it ticks a lot of boxes for me: specialty coffee, vegan food, punky aesthetic and celebrates subcultures! It’s currently a popup at De Sering which is an amazing space that allows a lot of different projects to happen there. I’ve been helping a little with some parties/events, including Swapcult - a charity shop/swap shop hybrid.