You see their faces in our shoots all the time, but who are they. Introducing Dean Plet.. Get Familiar. 


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Please introduce yourself. Dean, 30 years old. I provide catering on different locations throughout the city. 


What is it you do? I make authentic Surinamese sandwiches, chicken ketjap, chicken curry, “bakkeljauw”, pom or curry shrimp. I have a small setup that I bring to a bunch of different nightlife venues in Amstedam. I later bought a delivery bike that I turned into a mobile barbeque grill. With it, I started doing catering at summer festivals and other outdoor events, providing chicken wings, burgers, ribs etc. My bookings are super diverse, so any type of event you may have going on: whatever kind of snack you want, I can provide. 

How did you start your company? I got my start when friends aked me to join them in their lunchroom. I worked there for a while, learned the ropes. I had a couple other homies that put on parties and I asked them whether it’d be a good idea to do catering at their jams, but that actually never materialized. But then when they were planning an all day outdoor event it was clear that all these partygoers definitely would need something to eat. So we got together and actually founded a small catering company. We did sandwiched at that first event caled Backyard, that was the start. 



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Did you always dream of doing catering? “Nah, actually I didn't. I have super broad interests, in my mind I’m actually a jack of all trades. Just gotta develop my plans and get everything in its right place. Originally I had planned to bring a webshop to market that would produce merch for artists on the comeup. To that end I wanted to save up some funds and that’s how I started my professional life. I did intend to save up but I actually just kept rolling with it, kept investing and that’s how I ended up with all this.”


What sets you apart from the other caterers? “I’m pretty youthful, so to speak. I vibe with the youths, I know what that crowd wants. It’s great that I can meet all these people at the club, at a party and delight them with some good food. With me I think it’s important to enjoy the way I prepare the sandwich. I like to dance, so when I’m at the club and the music is right, I’ll be fully in my zone. I notice that people enjoy watching me have a good time. I think that’s what sets me apart. I value freshness, so I never buy in bulk, continually refresh all my product.”

How did you get in touch with the people at PATTA? I was introduced to Bonne, who worked with the brand. He asked a co worker of mine who I was and stuff.. We exchanged numbers and they asked me to model the Patta x Bobbito capsule. And it just went from there. I’m always happy to link up with them cause the way Patta works is so dope. 


What’s your favorite sandwich, what would you reccommend? “I myself am a big fan of my broodje bakkeljauw, that’s the one I’d recommend. A lot of people arent familiar with bakkeljauw but when they try out it catches them off guard, how good it is. I love the kip ketjap one too though.. Those are my go-tos.”

Words Jim Bakker, images Violette Esmeralda