With our Get Familiar series, we try to highlight and get to know people and initiatives we believe deserve a big stage to amplify their crafts and messages. DFNS is such a company; combining innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm to create the greatest and greenest lifestyle care products out there, the team at DFNS is shaking things up in the lifestyle care industry with a commitment to sustainability, a nerd-like obsession with earth friendly technology, and the extraordinary power of air. Read on and Get Familiar with DFNS.

DFNS, why do you do what you do?

DFNS was an excuse to combine the things that matter to us most – innovation, sustainability, sports, and of course, sneakers and fashion.

The footwear and apparel industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to waste and pollution. ​We want to make a difference by reducing the industry’s environmental footprint by taking Care technology to the next level. After all, sustainability and innovation are intrinsically linked.

We believe you can have premium care products that work better than any others out there that are ​also​ good for the planet.

What sets you apart from other lifestyle care products?

We don’t just make sustainable products, slap a green label on the bottle and call it a day. We want to stay with our consumers long after they’ve made the purchase, because real change doesn’t come about just by buying the right products. Really making a positive environmental impact comes from changing our habits and practicing sustainable behavior. Our goal is to build a community that is educated, informed and as a result, motivated to really behave in a sustainable manner for the long term.

That apparel launder is like magic, can you share a little bit of how it works?

People love the Apparel Launder, so you’re not the only one! Internally, it’s a product we love but we’ve been blown away by its reception.

And yes, it seems like magic, but it’s actually science. Bear with us while we nerd-out for a minute... You see, what look like wrinkles and creases to the human eye are actually microscopic deformities within the fiber on a molecular level. The ingredients in our Apparel Launder solution penetrate the fibers, weakening and loosening the hydrogen bonds that hold the entangled fibers together. Then it lubricates them so they stay smooth. Voila! Wrinkle-free.

You’re on a quest to be the greenest and greatest alternative in our industry. We will not judge you for it, but what aspects of your business are not yet as sustainable as you’d like them to be?

That’s a great question, and one we’re happy to talk about. There’s a lot of green-washing when it comes to so-called sustainability which is why transparency is more important than ever. Being upfront about where we fall short also forces us to be accountable to our community and keep working to be better.

When it comes to our formulas, it’s all about finding the balance between sustainability and performance. No one wants an eco-friendly product if it doesn’t function well. Our Footwear Protector still contains a small amount of the least harmful solvent. Is it solvent-free? We’re working on it. But the tiny amount of solvent we do use is the difference between a 20 minute drying time and a 24 hour drying time!

Then there’s our Airopack packaging, which uses air power instead of solvents to expel the solutions. The bottles are recyclable, but they’re made from virgin plastic. This is because current EU and US legislation doesn’t allow the use of recycled plastic for pressurized bottles. Saying that, Airopack’s carbon footprint is still 32% lower than the traditional Aerosol so we feel that at this moment, Airopack® strikes the perfect balance between the best product we can make in the best possible way!

What are some of the next products on the horizon for DFNS?

We have a lot of things up our sleeves in the coming 12 months!

With legislation changing in Europe (although unfortunately not the US) in Q1 we’ll be launching the next generation of Airopack bottles that are made from fully recycled PET. And because we continually strive to innovate on our solutions, we’ll be launching a new Protector solution that is completely solvent-free, which we’re super excited about!

We also have our UFC partnership launching with a collection of various sanitizing solutions (think glove sanitizers, gear sanitizers etc). Off the record, we will also be launching our partnership with the #1 Outdoor brand in the world – a collection of technical footwear & apparel CARE solutions as well as high-end Athletic Body Care.

But first things first – our Patta Pouch! This will be the start of a hopefully long lasting partnership.

We’re not supposed to talk about that yet! 🙈But speaking of which: what is your connection to Patta?

Like DFNS, Patta is a Dutch brand. We both speak the same language, in more ways than one. We’re endlessly inspired by the way Patta balances their community-first mindset with global success and have always loved what they stand for as a brand. We also rate their taste, which is why we’re patting ourselves on the back right now! After all, when Patta likes your products, you know you’re onto something. ;)