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Ahead of his Amsterdam performance, Patta got to ask Obongjayar a few questions. Read on, get to know the Nigeria-born and raised artist who's now based in London.

What should the world know about Obongjayar?
In and of the world

How has growing up in Nigeria and moving to the UK as a teenager impacted your life?
It has impacted my whole entire being, opened my eyes to a lot of things, allowed me to see and experience both sides of the coin.

How did you find your vocation as a musician?
I didn’t, it found me. I’ve always had this innate desire to create

What do you want your listeners to take away from your art?
The honesty of it, if that. My work is a window into my world and the way I see things. People can take away what they find applies to them, or take away nothing. It’s all dependent on how it makes you feel. No pressure.

Please take us through your creative process.
Up at 5am, coffee, exercise for 30/40 mins, get my note pad, sit at my desk and write for 2hrs - everything after that is a bonus

What are subjects you naturally gravitate to when you write?
I think I naturally gravitate towards the politics of human existence

What is your favourite part about being a musician?
That i get to do what I’m passionate about day in day out, without compromise and make a living from it - it blows my mind every day.

And the least favourite?
I have no least favourite thing

Who are your biggest influences; in life, your art and music?
I’d say, my mother and grandmother, they’ve had a huge impact on me - I’m completely in awe of those women, and their graft. Musically, I’d say Fela Kuti he’s a warrior spirit

What was the most important thing to happen to you last year?
My first headline show, definitely

What’s your favorite song to perform?
My favourite song to perform would probably be Endless, because it’s about my death and immortality, but that’s probably going to change very soon with all the new material we’ve got coming

What’s the change you would like to see in the UK, the music business and most important; in yourself?
I’d to see a change to the current exclusionary mindset and the mindset of hate that’s sweeping the world. if you don’t look a certain way, come from a certain background, etc etc- you’re completely ignored and left out of the conversation or used as a token same for the music business I guess.

As for myself, Id say to be a better person than i was the day before, step by step, day by day.

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 Check out Obongjayar's latest work below!