Get Familiar: Order Tattoos

Get Familiar: Order Tattoos

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Get Familiar: Order Tattoos

Interview by Passion Dzenga

Creating a store like no other, Order has redefined what it means to be a tattoo shop in Amsterdam. Dressed from head to toe in hand-painted artworks, sculptures and tattoo flashes, the new ORDER Tattoo location is the perfect addition to the neighborhood we call home. During the release of this collaboration, join us at their store for evening festivities with Taco Fett and Order Mothership putting their hands on the wheel before we enter into the late hours with a club night at another recent addition to our local vicinity, Kanaal40. Just a stone's throw away from the new tattoo store, Amsterdam’s most eclectic group of selectors, Order Mothership will be joining hands with Cinnaman, 1.06 Music Libray, Sensouthica, Hady and Lil’Vic to celebrate the T-Shirt and poster release. Enter the weekend by celebrating those that we miss with this collaboration that is very close to home for all of us. To get you up to speed with whats been going down at the new tattoo store, we sat down with Etienne to get familiar with the latest movements in the world of Order.

What inspired you to open a tattoo shop in Amsterdam?

Etienne: I first got into tattooing around 15 years ago. It was in a city called Leiden. After about a year, I made the move to Amsterdam where I started my tattoo apprenticeship at Tattoo Nick. Once I was done with that, I worked in several shops over the years, I am grateful for those moments because I learnt so much but knew that it was time to do my own thing.

Together with Order Collective we opened up a small shop in the Red Light District 6 years ago. We are a very multidisciplinary grip of people and we combined all our expressions into one space with tattoos, music, art and clothing. Very recently, about 5 months ago we moved around the corner to our brand new location. It is a much bigger space and I guess the reason we chose Amsterdam is because we love this city and this is where we feel at home.

Can you tell us about the design aesthetic and artwork featured in the store?

Etienne: I love the vibe of old tattoo shops. Something about seeing tattoo drawing from left to right really resonates with me. Leaving no wall untouched and filling up the spaces with strange objects and cool trinkets to look at. Kind of in the style of a small museum. I love colours, sign painting, tattoo flashes, graffiti, and posters so with the decor of the store, we decorated with  our collection of all things we like in Order and my personal collection of paintings and drawings I collected over the years.

What sets Order apart from other tattoo shops in Amsterdam?

Etienne: Its an extension of everything that we already do with the collective so we do music there but also use it as a place to sell clothing, prints, art and many more things. I would say that we do a lot more than the average tattoo shop.

You often have guest tattooers in the store, how did you build a network that goes far beyond Amsterdam?

Etienne: The cool thing about the world of tattooing is that you can do it anywhere. Everywhere you go in the world, there are cool tattoo shops doing cool things. You connect with each other because you make similar work or you just appreciate each other's work. I have been travelling and tattooing for most of my adult life and through this I have got to meet so many amazing people that became great friend of mine. They come to Amsterdam and its a pleasure to host them at the shop and when I visit them they also provide a space for me to work.

What advice would you give to someone getting their first tattoo?

Etienne: Get tattooed in a experienced tattoo shop and listen to artists advice.

Can you share any particularly memorable tattoo experiences from your time at the old tattoo store?

Etienne: So many good memories! All the music nights that we invited friends to bring records and play music or people that came to work or hang out. It was a great little spot and I can't wait to make more at the new location.

What do you hope people feel or experience when they visit your shop?

Etienne: I hope they see a different type of place and get inspired by all the things hanging and the vibe that is in the shop.

You have quite the collection of artworks at the store, how was it curating the work you wanted in the shop?

Etienne: Very fun and it never stops because we keep changing stuff. It will never end.

What can people expect on Friday evening?

Etienne: Like the poster says. Good friends, good drinks, great times.

The Patta x ORDER 'Forever Missed' T-Shirt and Poster will be available from Saturday, March 25th on, on the Patta Mobile app as well as in Patta Chapter stores in Amsterdam, London and Milan.