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Part of Patta's extended family, the SMIB squad, responsible for putting the Amsterdam's South East area on the map for the new generation, celebrates its 5 year anniversary this Friday, January 24th, with SMIB Day Paradiso Amsterdam. Expect an all-star line-up including Yung Nnelg, Ray Fuego, Ploegendienst, Fosa YG, Tads Thots, Larry Racer, Zwart Licht and many more. Read on and get to know SMIB's KC and GRGY.

What is SMIB?
SMIB is a creative platform from Amsterdam Bijlmer.

Who is all part of SMIB and what do they bring to the table?
Georgy, Kees, Ray Fuego, Yung Gods, Tads thots, Soort Kill, Demo, Jordan, Sxbi
We’re all different kinds of creative people. Photographers, designers, artists and producers.

What was your intention when you started SMIB?
Having our own platform where we could house all of the above-mentioned things.

Is it difficult to keep a collective together? Why or why not?
It’s not easy, there are many different mindsets. But it’s also not impossible. In the end, it's worth it.

What is the biggest lesson you learned in the years since you started SMIB?
Keeping it real with yourself and with the rest of the people in your surroundings.

Who are some of your peers or people you look up to and why?
We are now in a phase where we aren't looking up that much to others but we are working on becoming the best possible version of ourselves. So we can look up to ourselves.

What can we expect from this event?
It’s going to be like a big house party where. We have the SUMIBU basement with videogames. The room upstairs is one giant moshpit. And the Main room is the SMIB universe.

Obviously you have reached some of the goals you set back when you first started. What are some of your new goals?
We don’t have any specific future goals, we are focusing more on what’s going on currently. We feel like we’ve already accomplished most of our goals in the Netherlands and we are expanding internationally.

How have your skills evolved in the years since you’ve started?
We grew from a friendship based movement to a real organization.

What do you want your legacy to be?

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