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After ten tough weeks of training, The Day has come...
Het HEM, Patta and the Aboro Academy present boxing gala at Het Hem.

For the past ten weeks, 34 participants of various ages and backgrounds joined the Boxing Clinic, an intensive training programme, developed by seven-time world champion boxing Michele Aboro in the centre of the exhibition space.
Today the participants will battle each other in the ring for a unique tournament
Who will be crowned as Fighter of the Night?
The event is completed by music, rap performances, food and more.

Doors open 14:00
Start first fight 15:00
Award Ceremony 18:30
After party 19:30 - 0:00

The participants of the Boxing Clinic will compete against each other in a total of ten fights.  Keep an eye on this event to find out who is fighting whom and when


In between / after the fights, there will be various performances in the boxing ring by SMIB Squad, Garrincha, Foreign, Retronezer and Tads Thots .


Amsterdam Night Mayor Shamiro van der Geld


You can order from from the menu of Café Restaurant Het HEM all day long.


Regular €15 including access to the Chapter 1NE exhibition on Saturday, August 31. Chapter 1NE is on view until September 1.