Life of The Reckless Exposition

Life of The Reckless Exposition

Life of The Reckless Exposition

On Saturday, May 28, Darina is releasing her first exposition ' Life of The Reckless ' in the Melkweg, not in the expo but in Melkweg's big venue, The Max. An exciting way to host your first exhibition some would say but for Darina, it's also about creating new experiences for everyone.

Kicking barriers and being free are two important key figures in her life, this is reflected in her work ethic and creative thinking which transpires in innovative concepts. The key lead in Darina's work is music, film & photography which will be exhibited at the ' Life of The Reckless ' expo.

Darina has done a lot of creative projects for several artists like Ray Fuego, 73, JoeyAK, Jandro, Jacin Trill, Black Acid, de Buurjongens, Sterre Marith, and for labels like Noah's Ark, SMIB & Artsounds. In the years she has spent working on other brands' projects, she has learned how to refine her own craft and bring this alive in her own dimensional world. Within this world, music plays a big role as this is where she gets inspired the most and is her way of spreading her feelings and emotions in the purest form. On Saturday, May 28 Darina will perform the newest songs of her debut EP in the Melkweg, The Max at 8 pm.

RSVP at if you want to experience the expo and Darina's performance.